Our Facility

Our production facility uses a combination of refurbished Armstrong cot grinding machines as well as customized Armstrong cot grinders.

We have Rosink automated cot grinding machines as well as several custom built automated cot grinding machines. We also have some
specialized Rieter grinding machines. All of our grinding machines are connected to a Torit cyclone/filtered suction system that keeps the grinding rocks clean and cool
and the air clean inside our facility.
All incoming work goes through our inspection area where its entered into our order tracking system that manages custom
configurations for every customer / plant and tracks order due dates to ensure they get back out the door on time. Our computer
system stores data in a SQL database and has a daily off-site backup.

Cot installation and removal is accomplished via several hydraulic and pneumatic presses, all designed to promote rapid,

precise removal and installation of cots while reducing strain on the operator.
During the grinding process, rolls are checked at regular intervals for size and surface smoothness by sophisticated
testing equipment.

After grinding and UV treatment, rolls are packaged in a way that prevents them from getting damage or dirt on the newly ground
and treated surface.

We have a large area in our facility dedicated to cot storage and management so that we can keep sufficient quantities on hand
to enable rapid turnaround of large orders.